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  Owner association

How to start up an Owner association?

Step by step

  1. To notary to get a Karar Deftery (decide-book).
  2. Convoke a meeting.
  3. Enlist all the owners into the Kadar Defteri.
  4. To make decision we need majority (50% +1).
  5. Nominate a president.
  6. Nominate a treasurer.
  7. Nominate a secretary.
  8. To notary to autorise the president for opening bank accounts in the name of the association and to put electric and water meters in the name of association.
  9. Autorise a yearly budget.
  10. Determine service fee.
  11. Housekeeper in duty in the name of the association.
  12. Salary of the housekeeper.
  13. Approve house rules.
  14. Everything what can be discussed.
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